PiPO M9pro quad core WIFI test, what about the PIPO M9pro wireless signal

For any tablet computer, the effectiveness of the Wireless signal directly affects the merchandise consumer experience.When browsing the net, see movie or playing games, tablet network signal bad allow an individual crazy. 10.1 " quad core tablet PiPO M9pro, built-in 1920 1200 high definition screen, support Gps navigation,gyroscope . This type of effective Configuration , full -featured tablet within the Wireless performance nature also worttention.

What about the M9pro Wireless performance , from the opportunity to accept, signal stability, along with the wall several aspects to possess a test.

PiPO M9pro Wireless test while using Wireless analyzer, the program can show using Wireless funnel round the tablet and also the signal strength, and supply a number of signal view mode, and may use a number of graphical analysis by means of visual display.

The instrument shows fall under three areas, grey, yellow, and eco-friendly grey with respect to the signal is poor, yellow for signal is more powerful, eco-friendly represents the most powerful, dBm is definitely an absolute worth of the stated power value, is also regarded as a ratio of just one mw of power like a benchmark, the worth is usually negative, stated flat signal attenuation, the higher the statistical stated the less attenuation from the signal. Let us check out PiPO M9pro test situation.

An evaluation: A calculating point Using the router within the same room, distance is all about 1 meter . 5, no block, received the Wireless signal is extremely strong.

Wireless connection speed very rapidly, click open the Wireless options moments can complete web search, and attached to the Wireless network inside a short length of a couple of seconds. M9pro indoor signal also quite good, can maintain in indoor barrier-free space fundamental entirely condition, browsing speed is very stable, and absolutely will not appear the phenomenon of secure.

B test: Separated in the test point and also the router with a glass wall, the wall having a door open, 8 meters distance.

C test: C point between your router and there's a little utility room, a glass wall, a plaster wall (plaster wall membrane of wood and gypsum is brushed outdoors), the entire distance is all about 6 meters, the signal display at the moment are listed below.

D test: The living room, the website from the calculating point between your router and there's a glass wall, two gypsum wall stop, a complete distance of 15 meters. Elevated the Wireless, Wireless signal to - 71 DBM, however the concentration of the Wireless signal can continue to keep flowing speed of network application.

E test: Is near point C, separated in the router with a glass wall, the space is all about 8 meters.

Also tested at E M9pro signal stability, as proven in figure:

Many factors, which influence the soundness from the Wireless signal atmosphere differs based on different also. From E point test, strong signal in network fluctuation is small, the soundness is nice.

Conclusion: from five test point overall, both signal strength and stability, or partition wall transmission, PiPO M9pro Tablet Computer have excellent performance. M9pro excellent Wireless, provide you with colorful online fun. Using RK3188 quad-core processors, the android 4.2 operating-system, using the new UI. High-performance configuration to enhance the caliber of your entertainment, fusion 10.1 -inch full HD screen, Gps navigation, 5. MP AF cameras, 2GB of memory, capacitive touch, may bring unique experience.

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